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The bankruptcy attorneys at The Nasto Law Firm understand that people and businesses can run into trouble and become overextended. We offer compassionate, non-judgmental advice and bankruptcy services to individuals, couples, families, and businesses suffering from the effects of extensive debt from credit cards, medical bills, and other financial burdens.

The Nasto Law Firm can provide immediate relief to those who are experiencing financial distress. Our focus is not on how the financial hardship occurred, but rather on giving you a fresh start. Our bankruptcy lawyers are not concerned with looking back, only with looking forward to getting people and businesses back on track to a healthy financial future.

You deserve a fresh start. Get started by booking a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose my house or my car?

No, in most cases, you can file for bankruptcy and keep your house and car. It is important to continue making your payments. If your house is in foreclosure, you may be able to save it through a bankruptcy filing.

Will filing for bankruptcy ruin my credit score?

No, it may actually help!  Filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy lawyer often improves your credit score because you will no longer owe the debts that you had before filing. Later, you will need to rebuild your credit score, but it is possible to achieve this within 2 years of filing bankruptcy.

How can a bankruptcy filing help me?

Immediately upon filing for bankruptcy with a bankruptcy attorney, pending final disposition, all creditor action stops…

Creditor calls stop.

Lawsuits stop.

Foreclosures stop.

Repossessions stop.

Wage garnishments stop.

After your case is complete, you no longer owe most of your debts, other than the ones you choose to keep (like a mortgage or car payment). Unlike working with a debt settlement company, you will have no income tax debt related to the clearing of the old debts after working with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Meet The Firm

John A. Nasto, Jr.

John Nasto has been practicing law in Central New York for over 40 years. He has represented financial institutions, businesses, and people in need of legal services. In the area of bankruptcy law, he was appointed the first Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Trustee in the Northern District of New York.

As a bankruptcy attorney, he has helped numerous individuals, couples, families, and businesses weather the storms of financial distress to get their lives and businesses back on track.

Michael B. Oshins

Michael B. Oshins has over 30 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings, as well as other areas of practice.

He can help you overcome your financial problems, with kindness and understanding, and without judgment.

The Nasto Law Firm can provide you with a road map to financial freedom.

Get sympathy, not judgment from our bankruptcy attorneys.

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“We just closed on our new construction loan. Nasto’s office was great to work with.”

David Dobrovolc

“I closed on an investment property with Michael B. Oshins and he was very respectful and responsive throughout the entire process. He and his assistant were very easy to reach when calling or emailing. An issue arose with a delinquent bill 8 months after closing and Michael was still responsive and helped me get the information I needed. 5 Star review not just for the initial dealings but for the continued support long after closing.”

Andrew Horn

“Fabulous, professional.”

Lisa Whytock

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